Years ago, while I was serving in a leadership position at a growing health care company, I received an unexpected phone call from one of our administrators. She had a simple question and desperately needed an answer. She asked, “How do you get people to do the things you need them to do?” I was momentarily stunned by such a simple question, because it seemed to demand a simple answer. I really struggled to come up with anything short yet comprehensive; it was like trying to stuff an elephant into a thimble.

I can’t remember the answer I finally gave to her, but I will never forget how I felt after I hung up the phone. I knew my answer had been inadequate and I could tell she knew this as well. I began to doubt and question my own understanding of leadership and was deeply haunted by my failed attempt. From this point forward I could not rest; I was determined to find a more adequate reply.


My obsession with finding the simple answer led me through 17 years of relentless study, research, and application (including earning a master’s degree in leadership). In the end, I finally found my simple answer. It was not the answer I would have ever expected and it turned all my original thoughts about leadership completely upside down. Leadership is not about a leader and a follower; it’s about a steward and a set of conditions. If the conditions are right, people will lead, govern, and motivate themselves.

In order to meet demand from those who have requested more information, we have simplified the principles of stewardship into a book and established this website. Both the website and book are designed to assist anyone in a position of stewardship.  They are also intended to constantly sustain the principles of stewardship as a much higher alternative to ruling or managing people.


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