Stewardship is about letting going of trying to be the ‘brightest bulb in the pack’, as demonstrated by this story: “A truck was jammed underneath a highway overpass, and the fire department and a tow-truck driver were attempting to free the vehicle. But despite their earnest efforts, the truck remained stubbornly lodged. A motorist, annoyed by the delay, approached the fire chief and asked what the problem was. “The bridge is not high enough,” the chief responded impatiently, “so the truck is wedged, and we’re having trouble getting it out.” The gentleman responded, “It seems like the problem is that the truck is not low enough to get through.” The fire chief laughed. “Yes, I guess that’s another way to say it.” The motorist persisted, “What I mean is, why don’t you make the truck lower by letting the air out of the tires.” Ten minutes later the truck was freed from the tunnel and traffic was moving again. – Justin Menkes

When we quit trying to have all the answers, we allow others to feel needed and necessary to the outcome!

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